Wagyu beef individually priced cuts order form
Under each cut you wish to purchase specify the number of packages you would like. As weights vary and availability is sometimes limited, after we receive your order form we will get back to you with a total price. For the cuts with variable weights feel free to specify whether you would prefer them to be larger or smaller and we will do our best to accommodate.
Sausages contain no filler which makes them gluten free. Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and a blend of spices.
All beef patties, just our 100% grass fed beef, that's it! Gluten free
Each additional bag after the first 3 bags is $13
Enter how many packages and of which size you'd like to order. Made of dehydrated beef tendon, heart and tongue.
Enter above how many bars of each scent you would like to order. For 4 bars or more the price is $5/bar
Enter how many jars you would like to order
Enter above how many jugs you would like to order