Wagyu Beef Mixed Box Order Form
Mixed box orders contain a mix of cuts of beef. Choose your box weight and then select cuts from each of the 4 categories of cuts in the form. The percentage in brackets next to the title of each category is roughly how much of the weight of the mixed box comes from that category. For example, in a 10 lb box, 25% or 2.5 lbs will be made up of cuts from the Premium Steaks category. Feel free to choose multiple cuts per category.
100 Pound boxes are similar to buying a 'mixed quarter' of beef. If there are certain cuts you would prefer more of, like ground beef, or certain cuts you specifically don't want included you can let us know in the comments section of the form.
Enter here many pounds would you like to order, 10 pound minimum for mixed box orders.
Burgers and sausages are gluten free and made without any filler added
Each additional bag after the first 3 bags is $13
Enter above how many packages and of which size you'd like to order. Made of dehydrated beef tendon, heart and tongue.
Enter above how many bars of each scent you would like to order. For 4 bars or more the price is $5/bar
Enter above how many jars you would like to order
Enter above how many jugs you would like to order