Whole or Half Cow Order Form
Whole or half cows are custom butchered to your specifications. The price is by hanging weight, that is the weight of the sides of beef prior to being aged and butchered into individual cuts. Some weight is lost during the aging and butchering process to trimming and evaporation of moisture. The beef is vacuum packed and frozen after butchering. Hanging weights for a whole cow are typically between 550 and 750 lbs and between 275 and 375 lbs for a half cow. Cows are sent to the butcher on the second Tuesday of each month and the beef is ready to be picked up/delivered 2-3 weeks later. Wagyu cows are typically larger as we raised them longer with hanging weights ranging from 650-950 lbs. Specify below how you would like all the cuts of your whole/half cow prepared. If you do not see some cuts or cut options listed that you are looking for or aren't sure which options you'd like to choose let us know in the 'Questions, comments and inquires' section at the bottom of the form and we will help you out.
Price is by hanging weight and includes the cost of butchering which is approximately $0.96/lb
In addition to the cuts below you will also get 40-60 lbs of ground beef per half cow. You can get some of the ground beef turned to burgers, sausages, or breakfast sausages for an additional $1.50/lb